EASE® Software

EASE® is arguably the most commonly used speaker simulation software platform. Australian Monitor offers various speaker models with EASE® files to enable our customers and specifiers to determine the best Australian Monitor product and quantities required to correctly reinforce the space in question.



EASE® GLL viewer allows you to view EASE® GLL files, extract additional manfutacturer information and run calculations. 

EASE® GLL viewer is a free application and can be downloaded here 

EASE Address

EASE® Address allows software modelling of distributed reinforcement systems in two dimensions and is regularly used for ceiling speaker modelling. 

EASE® Address is a free application and can be downloaded here

EASE Focus

EASE® Focus 3 is an acoustic simulation program allowing 3D modeling of line arrays, sub arrays, digitally steered columns and conventional loudspeakers.

EASE® Focus 3 is a free application and can be dwonloaded free here


Australian Monitor EASE® files

QuickFit Ceiling Speaker EASE® and EASE® Address files Download

XRS Speaker EASE® files Download 

CS Column Speaker EASE®  files Download

MPH5300 Horn Speaker EASE®  files Download


EASE® is a registered trademark of AFMG Technologies GmbH