Australian Monitor is a division of Hills Sound Vision and Lighting (Hills SVL).

Working at Hills SVL

Hills SVL have been a trusted AV and lighting supplier for over 30 years and while we’ve become a widely acknowledged success story – with some of the best audiovisual products in Australia, and exclusive rights to some of the world’s best automation solutions – we haven’t let that success go to our heads.

At SVL, we remain a small company, with the intimate feel of a family – a place where everyone always has time for their customers, their contractors, and their colleagues.

Being part of a small company has a multitude of benefits, every senior manager, from the General Manager down, makes sure they are always available – personally as well as professionally.

The unmatched scale and connections of the Hills Group helps every employee develop their professional capabilities.  Moreover, working alongside some of the most experienced and personable “techies” in the industry, gives each team member opportunities to learn about some of the world’s leading AV technology – from the best and brightest in the business.

Hills SVL represents the perfect combination of innovation and stability. Working for a corporate icon gives you reassuring job security, but we are lucky that Hills is also renowned for its technological ingenuity – so we have the capacity, and the confidence, to spread our creative wings.

Employment Opportunities at Hills SVL: