Australian Monitor AMD2100P


Product Number: AMD2100P

The AMD2100P has now been discontinued. 

Stay tuned for the great new AM21P multichannel 1 RU amp that will replace it in the coming weeks!


The Australian monitor AMD2100P is a 1 RU dual channel power amplifier of D class design. The AMD2100P delivers 100 watts per channel into 100 volt, 70 volt or 4 ohms.

The AMD2100P now features comprehensive on DSP processing and mains or 24VDC operation. With front panel signal presence and fault indication per channel, rear panel volume controls, remote master VCA per channel, Standby contact closure and an Ethernet port for DSP control or control via a third party control system. Parameters that can be controlled via third party are Channel input cross mix level, channel input cross mix mute, channel output level and mute, Standby state and amplifier fault indication. The AMD2100P amplifier is as feature packed as it is innovative.

The AMD2100P changing the face of contracting.

1 RU, D class design
100 watts per channel @ 100 volt, 70 volt, and 4 ohm
On board DSP processing
Mains or 24VDC operation
Signal present and fault indication per channel
VCA master control per channel
Standby contact closure
Third-party control and DSP control via Ethernet port
AMD2100P Discontinuation Notice
AMD2100P Brochure LR
AMDP Mk2 Series Manual
AMDP Mk1 Series Manual
AMD P Series Software Application v1.3.0.0