Australian Monitor Zone Revolution


Order Code: ZONEREV

Designed as a stereo zoning solution to the bar/club market, the Australian Monitor Zone Revolution with a combination of stereo an mono outputs, has the flexibility handle most foreground/background processing applications. The Zone Revolution has the comprehensive processing you would expect from a state of the art DSP processor. The Zone Revolution also offers multi bus paging via the ergonomic and visually stunning Australian Monitor ICON paging Microphones. The Zone Revolution also supports the Australian Monitor Icon CP Control Panels which can be set to recall systems presets, select sources, control zone or source volume as well as a host of other parameters that can be utilised remotely from the ICON CP Control Panel, by interfacing with a third party control system or via our free Apple iPad application.



3 stereo output zones
Additional sub/aux outputs on the first two stereo zones
4 stereo BGM sources available to all three output zones
Ability for Stereo input 4 to have priority over all BGM sources (“jukebox” functionality)
4 mic/line switchable inputs available to all three output zones
Support for up to two remote paging stations with the ability to page into any output zone at any time
Support for ICON CP remote control panels (RS485)
Ethernet control of audio parameters for third party control system interfacing
Ability to link two Zone Revolutions to achieve six stereo output zones
“Master override” input (mic/line input 4) with logic triggering to override zone mixes
Various levels of source priority and ducking
Ability for stereo zone outputs to be mono summed, allowing up to three uniquely processed outputs per zone
Various EQ, dynamics and delay processing on inputs and outputs


Zone Revolution Brochure LR
Zone Revolution Manual
Zone Revolution Software Change Log
Zone Revolution Software Update April 2012