Australian Monitor Impedance Meter


Product Number: RMM51

The RMM51 is a specifically designed test tool for 100V line system checks.

This unit is extremely easy to use and features an ON/OFF switch, Ohm range selector and battery check mode.

Once powered on, the user can select the impedance Ohm range for your measurement.

Pressing and holding the “Push –On” will deliver an impedance (not resistance) reading. An Impedance vs. Power Chart in the box to shows the load (watts) calculated.

The meter uses a 1 kHz tone to perform its measurements.

  • Measures 100 Volt load easily
  • Measurement Range 20/200/2000 Ohms
  • Accuracy 3%
  • Taut-band suspension movement
  • Heavy duty carry case
  • Heavy duty test leads included
  • Timing function
  • Power chart included
RMM51 Impedance Manual