QFC5CS QuickFit Coaxial Ceiling Speaker


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The all new QuickFit coaxial series of ceiling speakers features 3 new models, each model comprises a 2 way coaxial driver producing high SPL and intelligibility. The frameless grills provide a modern sleek look sure to please end users, consultants and architects alike. If you require a black ceiling speaker it’s as easy as changing the grill. A black grill for each model can be purchased separately as an accessory.  

The QFC5CS, QFC6CS and QFC8CS series of QuickFit ceiling speakers are the perfect choice for situations demanding high intelligibility and SPL. Recommended for function rooms, school halls, retail spaces, boardrooms, place of worship, RSL’s, clubs, rubs, Restaurants and many other commercial applications. Each model also features a supervisory capacitor as standard to allow for evacuation system integration.



EASE® is arguably the most commonly used speaker simulation software platform. Australian Monitor now offers QuickFit ceiling speaker EASE® GLL files to enable customers and specifiers to determine the best Australian Monitor product and quantities required to correctly reinforce the space in question. 


QuickFit EASE® and EASE® Address GLL files Download


EASE® is a registered trademark of AFMG Technologies GmbH

  • 5 inch coaxial high powered driver
  • QuickFit white frameless powder coated steel grill
  • 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10 watt taps @ 100V
  • Evac. capacitor as standard

Accessory: QFC5GRILLB Black Grill. 

QuickFit Brochure
QFC5CS Spec sheet
QFC5CS Cutout Template and Wiring Guide