Contractor Tools

  • Multi-Can-Front.png
    Australian Monitor Multi Can Contractor Tool
    *4 channel Headphone Amplifier* The MULTI CAN is a compact yet high-quality 4 channel headphone amplifier, featuring 6. 35mm TRS, dual RCA and dual XLR stereo inputs and 6. 35mm TRS headphone outputs. The MULTI CAN also offers individual output level controls per channel.
  • Pre-Me-Front.png
    Australian Monitor Pre Me Contractor Tool
    *Microphone Pre-amplifier* The PRE ME is a compact yet highly featured microphone pre amplifier. The PRE ME features dual RCA line input and a balanced XLR input switchable between microphone and line level. The PRE ME also offers +40VDC phantom power, switchable High Pass Filter and balanced XLR output.
  • The-Injector-Front.png
    Australian Monitor The Injector Contractor Tool
    *Passive DI* THE INJECTOR is a passive direct injection box which offers a 6. 35mm input and 6. 35mm thru output (direct) and a balanced XLR output. The INJECTOR also features ground lift switching for elimination of hum and a three stage pad offering up to 40dB of attenuation.
  • ZonedOut-Front.png
    Australian Monitor Zoned Out Contractor Tool
    *Constant voltage output switcher* The Zoned Out is a simple way to have up to 6 zone output zone switching in your installation.