Presentation Microphones

  • AMSLIMG-web.png
    AM SLIMG Gooseneck Microphone
    The AMSLIMG gooseneck microphone provides a cost-effective microphone solution suitable for presentations. The cardioid electret condenser capsule provides high sensitivity pickup, while the included isolation shock mount ensures mechanical and room rumble noise is kept to a minimum.
  • AMVOCAL-web.png
    AM VOCAL Handheld Presentation Microphone
    The AMVOCAL dynamic supercardioid microphone features a neodymium magnet with aluminium voice coils ensuring super fast transient response. The microphone also feature an isolation transformer which ensures RF and electrical noise isolation. The incorporated capsule isolation system keeps handling noise to a bare minimum.
  • IMGC450-web.png
    IMGC450 Premium Gooseneck Microphone
    The IMGC450 is the finest gooseneck microphone Australian Monitor has released. This premium electret condenser microphone is tailored specifically for voice reproduction, providing a neutral tone and transparent response. The cardioid polar pattern of the IMGC450 provides exceptional gain before feedback.