General FAQs

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Q: What are the warranty conditions for Australian Monitor products?

A: 2 years if purchased before August 2008, and 5 years if it was purchased after August 2008.


Q: I am from Australia or New Zealand and want to purchase an Australian Monitor Product, where do I go?

A: Hills Sound Vision and Lighting is the parent company of Australian Monitor and is also the Distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Visit for more information on Australian Monitor in Australia and New Zealand.


Q: What does Australian Monitor have to do with Hills SVL?

A: Australian Monitor is a division of Hills Sound, Vision & Lighting (Hills SVL). Hills SVL belongs to Hills Industries, an iconic Australian manufacturer, distributor of a wide range products. Down Under, Hills Industries is a household name, specialising in areas such as Home and Hardware, Electronic Security and Entertainment, and Building and Industrial products.

An integral part of the Electronic Security and Entertainment division, Hills SVL is a leading distributor of pro audio and commercial AV products throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are dedicated to empowering integrators through the creation of versatile, innovative and user friendly systems. Hills SVL combines market leading brands with technical expertise, providing their customers with a true 'one-stop shop' for all their audio, AV, control and lighting needs.

Australian Monitor is Hills SVL's own brand and a representative of their unique vision. Australian Monitor creates solutions that are smart, integrative, cost effective and above all easy to use.


Q: Where do I find press information?

A: Visit About Us for more information on Australian Monitor and visit the News section for the latest product and installation news. See the Contacts page for Australian Monitor's Media Contact.


Q: How do I find my local Australian Monitor Distributor?

A: Visit the Distributors page for a full list of Australian Monitor Distributors.


Q: Where can I find information on Australian Monitor's privacy policy, terms and conditions? and use of cookies?

A: This information is available on the Privacy Policy page.


Q: What is your mailing address?

A: Private Bag 149, Silverwater NSW 1811 Australia


Q: I need help with my Australian Monitor product. Where can I get support?

A: You can reach Australian Monitor Technical Support on +61 9647 1411 or email Technical Support at techsupport @ australianmonitor . com . au


Q: What is RSS? How does it work on the Australian Monitor website?

A: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a fast-growing technology. RSS is a protocol, an application of XML, that provides an open method of syndicating and aggregating Web content. The RSS button is notification that a feed is available for subscribing.


Q: I am an Australian Monitor Distributor, how do I log into the Distributor Portal?

A: To obtain your username and password contact Australian Monitor Marketing at marketing @ australianmonitor . com . au


Q: I am having technical difficulties using the Australian Monitor website. Who do I contact?

A: To report technical difficulties on Australian Monitor, please contact Marketing at marketing @ australianmonitor . com . au