Basic Paging and Background Music (BGM) System Example

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  • Example Description

    • In this example an MYMDABCD provides BGM (Back Ground Music) program source and an AMX526 provides paging.

    • An AMC+120 from the AMC+ Series of mixer amplifiers is used.

    • The MYMDABCD has discrete outputs for CD/Media, DAB+/FM Radio and Bluetooth. These can each be connected to a separate input on the AMC+120 Mixer Amplifier.

    • When connected to the Mic 1 input the AMX526 can have priority over the other source channels and mute them when a paging call is made.

    • As shown 6 x QF series ceiling speakers tapped at 6 watts are used as well as four ATC15 paging horns tapped at 15 watts. Both of these sets of speakers are connected to the 100 Volt Line Output.

    • If required, WMA Series attenuators can also be used to adjust the volume levels. A WMA50CW 50 watt attenuator is shown connected to the indoor ceiling speakers. This will allow their volume to be reduced in relation to the outside horns.

    NB. A 100 volt line attenuator will only reduce the volume level set by the master volume for the speaker run it is connected to.

    Extra features on the AMC+ Series amplifiers are,

    • Optional Tone Module, ATC5488, available for Bell, Pre Announce, Evac and Alert tones
    • 15 VDC phantom power
    • Line and Record outputs
    • 100 volt, 70 volt and 4 ohm operation

  •  x1 
    120W Mixer Amplifier
    Cost Effective, Basic Features
    DAB+FM Tuner and CD Player
    USB, SD Card and Bluetooth
    Desktop Paging Microphone
    Ceiling Speaker
    10W 6 inch dual cone
    15W, IP66 Rated
    50W Speaker Volume Control
    Signal Lead - Dual RCA Jacks to Dual RCA Jacks (10ft - 3m)
    Speaker Cable, Figure 8
    250m roll, 2 x 0.75mm², Meter marked, White
    6RU Integrator Rack
    Wall Mounted
  • Basic Paging and BGM System Example

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