Caudan Shopping Mall - Mauritius

Complete shopping mall solution with a BGM and Digipage Junior system in Part Louis, Mauritius. The Caudan Phase II final seen its doors open on the 15th December 2007.

The newly built building provides a shopping mall and office space on the upper levels is simply an extension to the existing Caudan Shopping Mall in Port Louis also known as the Port Louis Waterfront.

The building boast two levels of shopping experience with an African Décor. The sound system of the venue was supplied by Technical Dynamic Ltd with a complete Australian Monitor BGM and Digipage Junior system.

The system is based around a Digipage Junior which routes audio signals to 3 amplifiers which powers 80 Quickfit 6 loudspeakers which blend into the plastered false ceilings of the buildings 4 zones and delivers a crystal clear and an extremely Speech Intelligible audio experience.

The Digipage has excellent features allowing 4 program sources to be independently routed to any combination of, or all output zones & can be expanded to 16 output zones in the future if needed, and has enough EQ to smooth out the sound in the various areas with separate gains for the Paging Microphone and CD player so that the two can be set at different volume levels to provide a higher volume for paging purposes. The DPJR8M paging mic allows for paging into individual zones, combination of zones or all call and runs via CAT5 cabling. the Digipage Junior also feature on board pre announce tones as well as an overall priority input for emergency announcements if required.

The 80 Quickfit 6 loudspeakers are powered by DCM500 500 watt booster amp , AMIS250P 250 watt booster amp and one AMIS1202P 2 x 120 watt booster amp which covers two zones respectively.

List of Equipment

  • Microphone DPJR8M x 1
  • DigiPage DJPR x 1
  • Amplifier DCM 500 x 1
  • Amplifier AMIS 250P x 1
  • Amplifier AMIS 1202P x 1
  • Ceiling Speakers QuickFit6 x 80
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