Speaker SPL and Power Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and/or power required for our range of speakers.
• The calculator provides CONTINUOUS(RMS) power ratings.
• Result assumes one speaker, on axis (directly in front of the speaker).

1. Select the speaker
2. Specify the Distance from the speaker to the listener. (on-axis)
3. Set the power or required SPL to determine the speaker output.

Select the Speaker:
Speaker SPL at 1W/1 metre:
Continuous Speaker SPL (RMS):
Program Speaker SPL (RMS):
For Information Only
Peak Speaker SPL (RMS):
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Set the units
Set the listeners distance from speaker

Doubling the distance reduces the SPL be 6dB.

Set the power applied to the speaker

Doubling the power increases the SPL be 3dB.

Set the desired SPL at listener distance

To be clearly audible, you should typically be at least 10dB higher than the ambient levels in the table below.

Environment Typical Ambient Noise Level (dB SPL)
Noisy Restaurant 80
Noisy Office 70
Average Office 50
Quiet Library 40
Hearing Threshold 0
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