Southern Cross Station - Australia

The latest change to Melbourne’s skyline comes from the unique and massive structure called Southern Cross Station. Australian Monitor were tasked with the installation of a major public address system for passenger information and safety.

Located on the site that used to be known as Spencer Street Station, this incredible looking transport facility boasts one of the largest roofs in the world, covering an impressive 37,000 square metres. As well as being a world class train and bus station, Southern Cross Station boasts over 40 food and beverage outlets, a wide range of shops and a food court.

Supplied and installed by the Melbourne branch of Tecsound, the audio system for Southern Cross Station is based around the Australian Monitor CS-420 column speaker. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the CS420 consists of four 3” drivers and a tweeter in a compact white aluminium enclosure. Well over 100 x CS420’s are installed at the station. Further upstream, two MediaMatrix NION’s and a MediaMatrix PageMatrix system provide the processing, mixing, routing and paging priorities. A number of CAB’s (CobraNet Audio Bridges) are used for remote inputs and outputs.

One particular NION feature that played an important part in this installation is the Ambient Level Sensor, a software device within NION that (via installed sense mics located in the zones) listens to the amount of ambient noise in that zone and automatically adjusts the paging level up or down to suit .. a must for any transport venue.

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