ZONEMIX Software Release 1.0

Australian Monitor is pleased to announce the release of the ZONEMIX Control Software 1.0 for the ZONEMIX4 and ZONEMIX8 zoning solutions.

The latest release offers the following features,


  • Calendar view for easy setup and viewing of scheduled tasks
  • Powerful recurrence engine for complex daily, weekly and monthly schedules
  • Dedicated “Day Scheduler” mode for school applications


  • Trigger tasks to make audio adjustments, playback messages, trigger outputs and more
  • Create task groups/macros to trigger complex routines from a single trigger source
  • Generate highly customised presets for your application
  • Message playback with repetition, pre/post delay and track length selection


  • Wall panel and GPI control to trigger tasks and control scheduler functions
  • Remote Ethernet access of the ZONEMIX with API for 3rd party devices
  • Upload message files directly to the SD card for easy updating

Visit the ZONEMIX system page here.

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