ZONEMIX System Release

Australian Monitor launches the next generation of zone mixers and paging solutions

ZONEMIX is Australian Monitor’s next generation zoning, paging and control solution for projects seeking a flexible audio control system that is competitively priced.

A highly customisable audio mixer and paging system, ZONEMIX includes two audio mixers, various wall controllers and programmable paging stations, making it ideal for conference, hospitality, healthcare, education, entertainment, and retail applications.

Able to be controlled by USB, ethernet or RS232, ZONEMIX features:

  • Independent mixing and routing of audio to up to eight zones
  • 6 shared audio inputs and up to 8 local zone inputs
  • mini DSP providing tone control, filters, and compressors
  • Tone generator for built in or customisable tones
  • Multiple level priority control
  • Message player for custom messages, tones, and music
  • Built-in scheduler

The optional ZMPS paging station features: programmable buttons for zone and group paging; pre-recorded message playback; and integrated limiter to guarantee voice clarity. Up to sixteen paging stations are supported.

Wall controllers allow users to control volume, sources, and other functions. Audio input wall panels provide in-zone audio inputs which can be connected to the ZONEMIX for additional audio sources. For example, the WPBT Bluetooth wall panel features Bluetooth v5.1 with 3.5mm aux input.

All wall panels are compatible with HPM® VIVO™ cover plates providing up to 14 colour options; unique interior fitouts can be achieved where required, such as hotels, restaurants, bars and designer retail venues.

The ZONEMIX built-in scheduler offers customers incredible value with the ability to control the tone generator, message player and control features. This is a contemporary offer for schools and shopping precincts that want to create unique sounds at set times during the day.

Multiple connection options deliver exceptional flexibility for installers, customers and third-party operators, with the ZONEMIX solution able to be controlled locally from USB or via a network using ethernet. The intuitive ZONEMIX Windows based software enables easy set-up of audio mix, DSP functions, priority control and configuration of wall panels and paging stations.  

The ZONEMIX system from Australian Monitor offers installers a cost effective, feature packed zoning, paging and control solution for a wide variety of applications.

For more information on the products please visit here.

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