Paging Microphone
8 zone control

The ZMPS paging station is a programmable paging front end for the ZONEMIX system. Featuring a slimline gooseneck paging microphone and the ability to page any single zone, combination of zones or All Call.

The ZMPS can also trigger pre-recorded announcements from an SD card on the ZONEMIX system for recurring announcements.

LED indication provides the user with visual feedback of the zones being paged, chime playback and if the zone selected is busy.

The ZMPS also has ample button label space, a rear microphone gain control and is connected to the ZONEMIX system via a low cost CAT5 cable.

Quantity must be 1 or more

  • • Slimline gooseneck microphone
    • 13 programmable buttons
    • Each button can be programmed to perform single zone selection, group zone selection or trigger pre-recorded message playback
    • Internal limiter to guarantee voice clarity
    • Rear panel gain adjustment
    • Connects via low cost Cat 5 cabling

    Programmable Buttons

    The ZMPS has 13 programmable buttons which can be configured, via the ZONEMIX PC Control Software, to the following functions,
    • Single zone select
    • Group zone select
    • Pre-recorded announcement playback

    Pre-recorded Announcements

    The ZMPS can trigger pre-recorded announcements from the ZONEMIX SD card slot.
    Simply place WAV audio file announcements on an SD card and insert it into the ZONEMIX.
    The files can then be selected in the PC Control Software and assigned to a button on a ZMPS paging station.

    Zone selection can be pre-programmed with the announcement for single button triggering.
    Alternatively, for announcement playback to changing zones, the operator can select the zones before triggering the announcement.

  • Zones Up to 8 Zone Paging Stations Connected N/A
    Program Inputs N/A Paging Station P/N ZMPS
    Local Inputs N/A Remote Source Control N/A
    Tones N/A Mounting Table
    Input Voltage 24VDC Warranty 5 years
    Product Dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    132mm x 174mm x 350mm Shipping Dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    350mm x 200mm x 145mm
    Net Weight 1.0 Kg Shipping Weight 1.5 Kg
    GTIN EAN 9323383020610

  • The ZONEMIX system supports up to 16 ZMPS stations
    The maximum cable length for the ZMPS is 500 metres.

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