About Australian Monitor - Unused

It’s been thirty years since a small, passionate team invested their own blood, sweat and money to pioneer and produce iconic products like the AM 1600 Mosfet Power Amplifier and the world famous 1K2 Power Amplifier. Today, Australian Monitor has grown into a global leader known for stylish, innovative and cost-effective products for the commercial and professional audio markets.

With tens of thousands of ceiling speakers alone sold year-on-year, along with audio solutions found in venues like Westfield, Sea World and local educational institutions, Australian Monitor, thanks to those who install it,  impacts the lives of the 24 million people who call Australia home every day.

The innovation and passion that first ignited the brand is still alive today and is best represented by Australian Monitor’s engagement with the AV industry. Embedded in the industry, their team have a deep understanding of the requirements you and your end users demand. These insights influence their product development and service offerings to meet the most complex requirements and to ensure you continue to trust their passion, product reliability and value for money for the next thirty years.

Australian Monitor is proudly owned by Hills with an independent team of management and engineers who drive the brand’s research, development and manufacturing. Hills AV provides technical support, service and repairs and a large team of product specialists who know the brand’s product range intimately having sold it for decades.

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