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    In this system an IS4250P and ES250P are used to power 5 groups of speakers divided into 3 zones.There is also a 4th zone which feeds the Assistive Listening System, or Hearing Loop.

    The IS4250P powers zones 1 and 2 consisting of the Main Body of the church and the Parent’s Room and the ES250P is used for the music horns in the outdoor/overflow area.

    Sources and front end control are taken care of with the, HSMIX, MYMDABCD and AMISZRM4.

    o The AMISZRM4 is 4 zone mixer with 2 mic/line and 4 line only inputs
    o The HSMIX is essentially a mic mixer allowing up to 6 cabled or wireless mics to be used. It is connected to one of the line inputs on the AMISZRM4 Zone mixer
    o The MYMDABCD has discrete outputs for CD/Media, DAB+/FM Radio and Bluetooth. These can each be connected to a separate input if needed. There is also a single group output that rotates through the different source options

    The zone 1 input on the IS4250P is sent the two pairs of VL8s and FLEX50B speakers. However, because these are each on a separate output, we can apply individual equalisation to each group using the built in Parametric Equaliser (PEQ).

    As well as separate equalisation we can also route different sources to each zone. This means areas such as the Parent’s Room, Outdoor Area and Hearing Loop can each have a different program if required by adjusting what is sent to each zone on the AMISZRM4.

    The speakers used in the Main Body of the church are the VL8 column line arrays. This type of speaker has a limited vertical dispersion (20 degrees) which means the sound is kept away from cavernous and reflective surface that adversely affect intelligibility. To perform to their optimum, they need to be equalised which can be achieved using the parametric equalisers provided in the IS4250P.

    The FLEX50Bs are used as Rear Fills allowing the rear area of the church to be covered. Being on a separate output they can be equalised and their level adjusted to blend with the main speakers.

    Delay can also be applied separately to each output (up to 220ms) further increasing the intelligibility of the system.

    The MP30 Music horns in the Outdoor Overflow Area are designed to provide the area coverage of a paging horn, but provide higher quality sound due the use of a conventional 4 inch driver

    Dante® is provided by the optional DM4X4 module

    Other features of the ISP amplifiers include

    o GPIO control of pre-sets and activation of other devices
    o Failover
    o High and low pass filters
    o Optional 4 channel ANALOGUE4 card
    o Dante® by the optional DM4X4 module
    o Fault status monitoring
    o control software
    o Ethernet and/or 3rd party control

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    HSMIX - Discontinued
    9 Channel Mono Mixer
    MP3 Player, Bluetooth®, Tones
    DAB+FM Tuner and CD Player
    USB, SD Card and Bluetooth
    Zone routing mixer
    4 mono zone output
    4 x 250W Power Amplifier
    Ethernet, DSP, Dante® Support
    250W Power Amplifier
    Cost Effective, Basic Features
    Column Line Array
    50W Wall Mount Speaker. IP65 Rated
    Black, Sold in Pairs
    Ceiling Speaker
    30W 8 inch coaxial
    Music Horn
    30W, IP65 Rated
    RC1-LIN - Discontinued
    Remote Volume Control
    Wall mount, Clipsal 2000 type
    Microphone Lead - XLR-3F to XLR-3M (3ft - 0.9m)
    Microphone Cable - Flexible
    100m roll, 2 x 0.23mm², 6mm O.D, Copper shield. Black
    AM15250W - Discontinued
    Speaker Cable - Figure 8
    250m roll, 2 x 1.5mm², Meter marked, White
    12RU Integrator Rack
    Wall Mounted
  • House of Worship with 4 Zones and Column Speakers - Application Example.pdf
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