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  • Example Description

    • In this example we show a large sized retail business that is separated into four separated areas. However, by using the ZONEMIX3 as the mixer we can treat these four areas as 3 zones

    For example;

    •  Zone 1 = Area 1
    •  Zone 2 = Area 2
    •  Zone 3 = Areas 3 and 4

    •  The ZONEMIX3 has 4 stereo line level inputs and 2 mic/line inputs. These inputs are independently assignable to any of the three zones, via either the front panel or the optional ZM3R wall controls.

    •  The ZM3M paging microphone allows announcements to made to either individual zones or to all zones

    •  The MYMDABCD takes care of source program. The MYMDABCD provides,

    •  Discrete outputs for CD/Media, DAB+/FM Radio and Bluetooth as well as a priority output that loops through the sources when one is not available

    •  This means there are three sources in a single 1RU unit

    •  The sources from the MYMDABCD would be connected to line level inputs 3, 4 and 5 and the ZM3M paging mic to its dedicated input.

    •  The HS4250P is used to power the four areas that utilise the FLEX30B 5 inch 2-way box speakers and the QFC6CS 6 inch 2-way coaxial ceiling speakers.

    •  In the example shown the speakers are connected via 100-volt line with the FLEX30B tapped at 15W and the QFC6CS tapped at 10W

    •  Since the HS4250P provides 4 x 120W per channel we can comfortably install 6 x FLEX30B per channel and 10 x QCF6CS.

    •  The maximum volume level of each output of the HS4250P can be adjusted independently via the miniDSP and free software. This means the volume levels across the entire installation can be balanced out allowing for smaller areas and areas that call for lower volume.

    •  Other features


    •  USB and RS232 control

    •  Low or high impedance output on each channel

    •  miniDSP include

    •  In/out routing, high/low shelf filtering, compressor/limiter, GPIO for mute, standby and fault monitoring.


    •  Five stage EQ per zone

    •  Link output for a second unit (6 stereo zones)

    •  Integral security covers for EQ and gain sections of the Zone Mix 3

    Large Retail with Paging, Radio and Media Sources - Application Example.pdf

  •  x1 
    DAB+FM Tuner and CD Player
    USB, SD Card and Bluetooth
    ZONEMIX3 - Discontinued
    Zone Mixer
    3 stereo zone outputs
    4 x 250W Power Amplifier
    USB/RS232 Control w mini DSP
    Remote Microphone Paging Station
    30W Wall Mount Speaker. IP65 Rated
    Black, Sold in Pairs
    Ceiling Speaker
    20W 6 inch coaxial
    Signal Lead - Dual RCA Jacks to Dual RCA Jacks (10ft - 3m)
    Speaker Cable, Figure 8
    250m roll, 2 x 0.75mm², Meter marked, White
    6RU Integrator Rack
    Wall Mounted
  • Large Retail with Paging, Radio and Media Sources - Application Example.pdf

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