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    In this example 3 x AMX526 paging microphones are connected to an HS250, 250-watt mixer amplifier, which provides paging as well as alert/ EVAC tones.

    A BGM (back ground music) source can be connected via Bluetooth as shown or via inputs 4, 5, or 6.

    Each of the 3 x AMX526 microphones has priority muting over the BGM sources.

    Inbuilt Emergency tones (Alert/EVAC/Intruder) and messages as MP3 files on a removable SD Card can be activated from either an external trigger such as an emergency button or an external timer.

    Up to 11 customised tones can be programmed into the amplifier and used for emergencies, lockdown, period change, etc.

    Emergency tones have priority over all inputs except Mic 1 which shares the same priority level as the emergency tones to allow evacuation paging to take place.

    The speakers shown are a common application requirement.
    QF series ceiling speakers covering hallways and/or classrooms.
    MP30 music horns covering the external areas such as playgrounds.

    The example shows the ceiling speakers tapped at 6 watts and the MP30 music horns at 30 watts for a total system power of 210 watts.

    The HS series range has models with 60, 120 and 250 watt outputs enabling a reasonably large system to be realised without the need for additional power amplifiers.

    If required, WMA Series volume attenuators (not shown) can also be used to adjust the volume levels in either the indoor or outdoor areas.

    Extra features on the HS Series mixer amplifiers include,

    3 power output models – 60, 120, 250 watts
    9 audio input channels. 6 rear & 3.5mm line, Bluetooth and MP3
    Individual gain/equalisation control on all external audio inputs
    Magnetic cover for customer concealed eq and gain controls
    Individual channel attenuation on rear inputs
    Tamper-proof channel attenuation by disabling external volume controls
    100 volt line, 70 volt line or 4 ohm operation

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    HS250 - Discontinued
    250W Mixer Amplifier
    MP3/WAV Player, Bluetooth®, Tone Generator
    Desktop Paging Microphone
    Ceiling Speaker
    10W 6 inch dual cone
    Music Horn
    30W, IP65 Rated
    ATC15 - Discontinued
    15W, IP66 Rated
    WMA50CW - Discontinued
    50W Speaker Volume Control
    Signal Lead - Dual RCA Jacks to Dual RCA Jacks (10ft - 3m)
    Speaker Cable, Figure 8
    250m roll, 2 x 0.75mm², Meter marked, White
    6RU Integrator Rack
    Wall Mounted

School with Paging and Custom Tones - Application Example

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