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    In this example we show the PICOBLU® being used in 4 applications that are ideal solutions for retail, bar, café installations etc.

    Background music is provided by a Bluetooth source. This can also be connected via the 3.5mm jack input on the front panel.

    Paging and announcements can be made with an AMX526 desktop microphone connected to input 1.

    The FLEX series of box speakers are an ideal match for the PICOBLU® with the 5 inch 2-way FLEX30B being shown.

    One pair of these can be set to 8 ohm and connected in parallel (providing a 4 ohm load) or up to 6 when set to 100 volt line and tapped at 3.75 watts giving a total of 22.5 watts.

    Different combinations of FLEX speakers at different power tapping’s, (including the FLEX15B or W and the FLEX50B or W) can be connected. The only important thing to watch is the total power: e.g. number of speakers x power tapping.

    The same applies with ceiling speakers, shown here are the QF20CS premium 4 inch 2-way ceiling speakers and the QFC6CS coaxial ceiling speakers.

    The QF20CS has a low impedance setting which is 16 ohms. This makes it nice and easy to come back to 4 ohms when 4 speakers are wired in parallel.

    The QFC6CS coaxial speakers are 100 volt line and therefore need to be tapped down so the total power is less than 30 watts. In the example we have shown 6 speakers tapped at 3.75 watts giving a total of 22.5 watts.

    Extra features on the PICOBLU® mixer amplifiers are,
    Line output for connection to an additional power amplifier such ESP or HSP series
    Contact closure that gives priority to the mic 1 input
    2 other line level inputs for additional background sources

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    PICOBLU - Discontinued
    30W Mixer Amplifier
    Small Form Factor, Bluetooth
    Desktop Paging Microphone
    Ceiling Speaker
    20W 6 inch coaxial
    30W Wall Mount Speaker. IP65 Rated
    Black, Sold in Pairs
    Signal Lead - Dual RCA Jacks to Dual RCA Jacks (10ft - 3m)
    Speaker Cable, Figure 8
    250m roll, 2 x 0.75mm², Meter marked, White
  • Small Shop with Paging - Application Example

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