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  • Example Description

     In this example we show a Sports Ground and Club House covered with a paging and music system.

    The DIGIPAGE provides paging and input routing to up to 8 zones. 5 zones are used in this example.

    Paging is done via the DP8M, 8 zone paging mic, up to 10 x DP8M Paging Mics can be connected to the DIGIPAGE via CAT5 cable depending on the length of cable

    The HSMIX functions as a mic mixer allowing up to 6 cabled or wireless mics to be used. It is connected to one of the line inputs on the DIGIPAGE.

    As well as mic mixing the SD Card input of the HSMIX allows up to eleven custom toes to be activated from the rear panel.

    Since the DIGIPAGE has 6 mic/line inputs, when combined with the HSMIX the system can have up to 11 mic or line level inputs, with the inputs directly connected to the DIGIPAGE able to be assigned to any of the systems 5 zones.

    By connecting program sources directly to the DIGIPAGE and wireless microphones to the HSMIX, routing of program sources can be assigned to only selected zones if required

    Two HS4250P power amplifiers run the system with one servicing the Playing Filed and the second one the Public Areas/Seating, Carpark and Club Rooms.

    • H16 large flare horns are used with the HDT60 60 watt 100 volt line driver to cover the paying field. If possible 2 horns should be placed at each corner of the field to provide even coverage. The layout can be modified as required if other positioning is necessary.

    The MP30 Music Horns can be positioned to cover the Public Areas and seating. When tapped at 15 watts up to 15 of these can be connected to one channel of the second HS4250P.

    • ATC30 paging Horns are suggested for the carpark again up to 15 tapped at 15 watts and up to 20 QF8CS ceiling speakers tapped at 10 watts for the two Club House areas.

    Other features
    o HS4250P

    • USB and RS232 control
    • Low or high impedance output on each channel
    • miniDSP included
    • In/out routing, high/low shelf filtering, compressor/limiter, GPIO for mute, • standby and fault monitoring.
    • Independent volume adjustment of each output

    • Remote wall panels for source select and Volume control
    • Second DIGIPAGE can be connected as a slave unit for 16 zones
    • Emergency input
    • 8 dedicated local inputs, (1 per output zone)

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    HSMIX - Discontinued
    9 Channel Mono Mixer
    MP3 Player, Bluetooth®, Tones
    Zone paging and BGM system
    8 mono zone outputs
    Paging Microphone
    8 zone control
    4 x 250W Power Amplifier
    USB/RS232 Control w mini DSP
    Horn Flare
    Round flare for use with HDT35 or HDT60 horn drivers
    Horn Driver
    60W, IP66 Rated
    Music Horn
    30W, IP65 Rated
    ATC15 - Discontinued
    15W, IP66 Rated
    Ceiling Speaker
    15W 8 inch dual cone
    Microphone Lead - XLR-3F to XLR-3M (3ft - 0.9m)
    Microphone Cable - Flexible
    100m roll, 2 x 0.23mm², 6mm O.D, Copper shield. Black
    AM15250W - Discontinued
    Speaker Cable - Figure 8
    250m roll, 2 x 1.5mm², Meter marked, White
    12RU Integrator Rack
    Wall Mounted
  • Sports Ground - 5 Zones with Paging and Tones - Application Example.pdf
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