IMFOW - Discontinued

Flush Mount Microphone
Half Omni

Suggested Alternatives - IMFOB

The IMFOW flush mount condenser microphone provide an unobtrusive solution for ambient sound recording and sound reinforcement. This Half Omni condenser microphone is tailored specifcally for distance micing. The frequency response has been tuned to reduce plosive and overly sibilant sounds. Each microphone is supplied with rubber isolation rings to keep mechanical noise and rumble to a minimum.

This quality flush mount condenser microphone is highly recommended for ambient recordings, teleconference, surveillance, noise sensing and many other application requiring a ceiling and or table flush mounted microphone.

Quantity must be 1 or more

  • • Half Omni polar pattern
    • Tailored Frequency response
    • High sensitivity 
    • Neutral response
    • Unobtrusive design 

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