Integrate 2019 - PICOBLU, ES Series and ISP Series

We are very happy to announce the launch of the following new products at Integrate 2019.


30W Mixer Amplifier. 3 Channel mixer amplifier with Bluetooth in a small form factor.

ES Mixer Amplifiers - ES60, ES120, ES250

60W, 120W and 250W versions which now include 2 channels of priority, integrated tone generator (ES120 and ES250), improved audio performance and refreshed look.

ES Power Amplifiers - ES120P, ES250P, ES500P, ES2120P, ES480P

Single channel 120W, 250W and 500W power amplifiers.

Multi-channel 2 x 120W, 4 x 80W power amplifiers.

Each models has improved audio, refreshed look and remain highly cost competitive.

ISP Power Amplifiers - IS2120P, IS2250P, IS4120P, IS4250P

Multi-channel 2 x 120W, 2 x 120W, 4 x 120W, 4 x 250W power amplifiers.

Featuring Ethernet control, DSP, Dante enabled, embedded web interface and low power standby.


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