Zone Mixer and Paging system
8 mono zone outputs

The ZONEMIX8 provides a 8 zone mixing and paging solution featuring USB, Ethernet and RS232 connectivity.
It features 2 Mic/Line and 4 line level stereo inputs which can be independently mixed to any output zone. An additional local audio input can also be added to each zone using audio wall panel inputs.

WP10, WP4R and WPVOL wall controllers provide in-zone control of various ZONEMIX functions. Paging capabilities can be added using the ZMPS paging station with a total of 16 stations supported. Additional audio inputs can be added such as the WPBT Bluetooth Receiver and the WPML Mic/Line audio input wall panel.

Software features of the ZONEMIX include a miniDSP, tone generator, message player, priority control, programmable I/O and in-built scheduler.

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  • • 8 mono zone outputs
    • 2 Mic/line and 4 stereo line inputs plus 1 local input per zone
    • USB, Ethernet and RS232 connectivity
    • miniDSP - Filters, Tone Control, Compressors/Limiters
    • Built-in Tone Generator, Message Player and Scheduler
    • Multi-stage priority control
    • 8 general purpose inputs/outputs
    • Supports up to 16 ZMPS Paging Stations and 16 WP10, WP4R, WPVOL wall panels
    • Supports up to 8 local inputs such as WPBT, WPML or WPXLR wall panels
    • ZONEMIX PC control software free via download

    Inputs and Outputs

    The ZONEMIX8 has 2 Mic/Line and 4 line level stereo inputs which can be independantly mixed to any of the 8 balanced mono outputs.

    An additional local audio input can also be added to each zone using audio wall panel inputs.


    The ZONEMIX includes a mini DSP engine with the following features,
    • High, Low Pass Filters
    • Tone Control
    • Compressor / limiter
    • Inversion

    Multiple Control Options

    The ZONEMIX system can be controlled via USB, Ethernet or RS232.

    The PC control software allows easy local setup via USB or remote management via the Ethernet port.

    RS232 allows for integration with third party control solutions.

    In-Built Scheduler

    The ZONEMIX system has a powerful in-built scheduler.

    • Scheduling events such as tones, messages, presets and more.

    • Events can be grouped and assigned to scheduled days for fast, easy setup.

    • Week and Month calendar views provide a simple, intuitive overview.

    Tone Generator & Message Player

    An in-built tone generator provides EVAC, ALERT, INTRUDER, BELL and CHIME tones. These can be overridden using replacement files placed on an optional SD card.

    A message player is also included which can play back WAV files from an SD card via the scheduler, input triggers or paging stations.

    Priority Control

    A highly customisable audio priority control scheme allows each output to mute or mix audio inputs depending on the priority level set.

    A master override is also included which can be triggered via an audio input or input contact closure.

    General Purpose Input/Outputs

    The ZONEMIX8 has 8 general purpose inputs and 8 general purpose outputs.
    The inputs can be connected to external controls to action functions like muting, preset activation or message playback.
    Outputs can be triggered via the scheduler or provide paging status.

    ZONEMIX Control Software

    The ZONEMIX includes free downloadable PC control software to setup and control the system.

    Easily modify signal routing, DSP settings, scheduling and the setup of wall panels and paging stations.

    Download it now from the download section of this page and see what the ZONEMIX can do.

    ZMPS Paging Station

    The ZONEMIX is capable of operating with up to 16 ZMPS paging stations.

    Each ZMPS has 13 programmable buttons which can select zones, groups of zones or to play messages.

    The pre-recorded messages can be stored on the ZONEMIX SD card to provide simple, consistent recurring message playback.

    Wall Panel Control and Audio

    The ZONEMIX system has 3 accessory wall panel controllers, the WP10, WP4R and WPVOL.

    Each can be configured in software to provide a wide range of actions including source selection, volume control, muting, preset activation and more.

    Additionally, there are audio input wall panels which can feed local audio back into the ZONEMIX system.
    • WPBT - Bluetooth receiver
    • WPML - Mic/Line Input
    • WPXLR - Line Level Input

  • Zones 8 Mono Paging Stations Connected 16 (minimum)
    Program Inputs 2 MIC or Line. 4 Stereo Paging Station P/N ZMPS
    Local Inputs 1 per zone Remote Source Control WP10 or WP4R or WPVOL
    Tones Yes Mounting 1RU
    Input Voltage 100-240Vac 50-60Hz Warranty 5 years
    Product Dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    484mm x 160mm x 44.5mm Shipping Dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    541mm x 281mm x 111mm
    Net Weight 2.4 Kg Shipping Weight 3.2 Kg
    GTIN EAN 9323383020658

  • The ZONEMIX system supports,
    • 16 ZMPS paging stations
    • 16 Wall panel controllers
    • 1 Local audio input wall panel per zone
    The ZONEMIX by default uses DHCP which gets assigned an address by the network.
    You can read the IP address using the system menu on the front panel display.
    Yes, the SUM input is the Master Override feature in the ZONEMIX.
    Select which audio input you wish to use from the PC control softwares Master Override menu.

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