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  • Example Description

    In this example an IS2120P and IS4250P are used to power 6 zones using the QFC8CS 2-way coaxial ceiling speakers, FLEX50B 6.5 inch two way box speakers, FLEX30B 5 inch 2-way box speakers and QF60CS premium 6 inch 2-way ceiling speakers.

    A DSP headend is used to provide inputs from the MYMDABCD, feed from the Paging/EVAC System and local Line Inputs from each zone.

    The MYMDABCD has discrete outputs for CD/Media, DAB+/FM Radio and Bluetooth. These can each be connected to a separate input.

    Connections between the DSP headend unit and the ISP amplifiers is handled by the DM4x4 Dante® module installed in each amplifier.

    The DM4x4 Dante® allows 2-way communication between the headend unit and the IS2120P and IS4250P amplifiers.

    A Dante® network also allows inputs to be easily fed into the system from other locations in the installation as required.

    While the DSP headend unit will naturally provide equalisation, matrixing etc, it is still possible to also adjust these locally in each zone using the full DSP built into ISP amplifiers.

    Extra features of the ISP series of amplifiers,

    Failover. EG if any of the inputs connected to the DM4x4 fail the amplifier will switch to another assigned input
    Additional 4 Analogue line inputs using expansion card ANALOGUE4 (NB. Cannot be used with the DM4X4. Only one module can be installed in each ISP amplifier)
    Fault status monitoring
    4 configurable GPIOs on the rear of the amplifier.
    Control software for configuration and control of the ISP amplifier 

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    2 x 120W Power Amplifier
    Ethernet, DSP, Dante® Support
    4 x 250W Power Amplifier
    Ethernet, DSP, Dante® Support
    Dante® Expansion Card
    4 Input, 4 Output
    DAB+FM Tuner and CD Player
    USB, SD Card and Bluetooth
    Ceiling Speaker
    15W 8 inch dual cone
    Ceiling Speaker
    60W sealed back can
    30W Wall Mount Speaker. IP65 Rated
    Black, Sold in Pairs
    50W Wall Mount Speaker. IP65 Rated
    Black, Sold in Pairs
    AM15250W - Discontinued
    Speaker Cable - Figure 8
    250m roll, 2 x 1.5mm², Meter marked, White
  • Function Room with DSP Headend and Dante - Application Example

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