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    In this example a MYMDABCD and MYMDUALDAB provide local BGM (Back Ground Music) sources.

    The MYMDABCD has discrete outputs for CD/Media, DAB+/FM Radio and Bluetooth. These can each be connected to a separate input on the DIGIPAGE.

    The MYMDUALDAB has 2 x discrete DAB+/FM Radio tuners each with a separate output. Along with Bluetooth these devices can each be connected to a separate input on the DIGIPAGE.

    A video source such as a digital set top box can be used for cable/TV broadcasts. Audio is routed via the DIGIPAGE while the video signal is routed to displays in each zone.

    The 8 zone outputs of the DIGIPAGE are fed to 2 x HS4250P (4 x 250-watt power amplifiers) which in turn power the speakers in each of the 8 zones.

    In each of the 8 zones a DPRM wall control panel can be used to select a BGM source for that zone. Alternatively, this can be selected on the front panel of the DIGIPAGE.

    Also controllable from the DPRM is zone volume, local and program source on/off.

    Paging is done via the DP8RM zone paging microphones.

    4 x RJ45 ports (labelled CAT 5 RUN 1-4) are provided for connection to the DIGIPAGE zone paging stations and remote wall panels.
    Up to 4 x paging stations, remote panels or combinations of the 2 can be connected to each of the four CAT5 runs.
    Please see page 8 of the manual for details of CAT5 cable lengths.

    Each of the 8 zones can also have a local source dedicated to that particular zone. This can either connected directly to the DIGIPAGE in the main rack or via a local XLR socket in the actual zone as shown.

    A combination of QF series celling speakers and paging horns are shown in the diagram. However, any combination of speakers can be used. The final choice of power amplifier will of course be dictated by the speaker selection.

    If more than 8 zones are required a second DIGIPAGE can be added creating a 16 x 16 zone matrix.

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    Zone paging and BGM system
    8 mono zone outputs
    MYMDUALDAB - Discontinued
    Dual DAB+/FM Tuner Source
    Bluetooth support
    MYMDUALCD - Discontinued
    Dual CD Player
    USB, SD Card and Bluetooth
    4 x 250W Power Amplifier
    USB/RS232 Control w mini DSP
    Paging Microphone
    8 zone control
    Remote source and volume control
    Wall Plate
    Single socket XLR Female
    Microphone Lead - XLR-3F to XLR-3M (3ft - 0.9m)
    Signal Lead - Dual RCA Jacks to Dual RCA Jacks (10ft - 3m)
    Speaker Cable, Figure 8
    250m roll, 2 x 0.75mm², Meter marked, White
    12RU Integrator Rack
    Wall Mounted
  • Large Office or Function Room - Application Example

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