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    In this system the IS4250P is used to power 8 x XRS8B speakers in a hall or large room.

    Each of the 4 channels of the IS4250P has a pair of speakers connected in parallel using the pass though connections on the speakers

    The DSP feature of the IS4250P is used to provide delay to the side fills. As these are connected to three different outputs each pair can have a different delay set.

    Dante® is provided by the optional DM4X4 module

    The full DSP in the amplifiers allows the output to each speaker to be individually adjusted by using

    o A 12 band parametric equaliser per channel.
    o Compression
    o High and low pass filters
    o The audio feed comes from either
    o The Dante® Network allowing for bi-directional audio to be passed to and from the main hall to other parts of the facility.
    o The left and right line level outputs from the mixing desk. These inputs are routed internally to all 4 outputs of the IS4250P using the built-in matrixing capabilities.

    Mixing and control of the system is achieved with the ALMA control software via Ethernet using either a PC, MAC or mobile device paired with a wireless network.

    The ALMA control software allows the user to adjust either just the output volume levels or all of the setup parameters including parametric equalisation, matrixing, etc.

    Other features of the ISP amplifiers include
    o GPIO control of pre-sets and activation of other devices
    o Failover
    o Optional 4 channel ANALOGUE4 card
    o Fault status monitoring

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    4 x 250W Power Amplifier
    Ethernet, DSP, Dante® Support
    Dante® Expansion Card
    4 Input, 4 Output
    8 inch Passive Speaker
    100W, Black
    Microphone Cable - Flexible
    100m roll, 2 x 0.23mm², 6mm O.D, Copper shield. Black
    Pro Speaker Cable
    100m roll. 2 x 1.5mm², 7mm O.D, Black
    6RU Integrator Rack
    Wall Mounted
  • Sports Hall with DSP and Dante - Application Example.pdf
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