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2 x 120W Power Amplifier
Ethernet, DSP, Dante® Support

The ISP series is Australian Monitor's premium offering of multichannel Class D power amplifiers, delivering high quality audio reinforcement in the following options - Dual channel 120W or 250W and Quad channel 120W or 250W.

Featuring Ethernet control, Full Featured DSP, ErP Low Power Standby, Dante® support and efficient Class D amplifiers.

The ISP also features an embedded User Interface which can be accessed from any device supporting an HTML5 compliant web browser.

Configuration Options:
IS2120P - 2 inbuilt line level inputs
IS2120P + DM4x4 - 2 inbuilt line level inputs plus expansion slot of 4 Dante Inputs and 4 Dante Outputs
IS2120P + ANALOGUE4 - 2 inbuilt line level inputs plus expansion slot of 4 line level inputs

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