2 x 120W Power Amplifier
Ethernet, DSP, Dante® Support

The ISP series is Australian Monitor's premium offering of multichannel Class D power amplifiers, delivering high quality audio reinforcement in the following options - Dual channel 120W or 250W and Quad channel 120W or 250W.

Featuring Ethernet control, Full Featured DSP, ErP Low Power Standby, Dante® support and efficient Class D amplifiers.

The ISP also features ALMA Control Software which allows you to connect, configure and control the product from any device supporting an HTML5 compliant web browser.

To view a DEMO of the control software go to the IS4250P Demo

Configuration Options:
IS2120P - 2 inbuilt line level inputs
IS2120P + DM4x4 - 2 inbuilt line level inputs plus expansion slot of 4 Dante Inputs and 4 Dante Outputs
IS2120P + ANALOGUE4 - 2 inbuilt line level inputs plus expansion slot of 4 line level inputs

Quantity must be 1 or more

  • • 2 x 120W amplifier
    • 4 ohm, 70V and 100V output options
    • Class D topology
    • Ethernet Control
    • Embedded ALMA Control Software accessible using any HTML5 web browser
    • Full DSP - Input Matrix, Filters, Parametric Eq, Compressor / limiter, Delay, Mute, Inversion
    • 4 software configurable general purposes input/outputs
    • ErP(1275/2008/EC) Low Power Standby (<2W)
    • 4 Input, 4 Output Dante® support using expansion card DM4x4
    • Additional 4 Analogue line inputs using expansion card ANALOGUE4

    Class-D Amplifier

    The ISP amplifiers use an efficient Class-D amplifier topology allowing a greater power density with a much lower weight.
    All amplifier channels offer 100V, 70V and 4Ω output options so you can choose the output configuration to match your application.

    Network Control

    The ISP amplifiers all feature an Ethernet network port to allow easy configuration of the device and the ability to remotely control and modify the amplifier.

    ALMA Control Software

    Connect, Configure and Control the ISP amplifier from any HTML5 complaint web browser.
    The ALMA control software is embedded into the amplifier and requires no software installation.
    Featuring a clean, easy to use interface it allows you to setup and monitor the amplifier from PCs, tablets and mobile phones with ease.

    To view a DEMO of the control software go to the IS4250P Demo.

    Integrated Digital Signal Processing

    The ISP amplifiers include a full DSP engine with the following features,
    • Input Matrix
    • High, Low, All Pass Filters
    • Parametric Equalisers
    • Compressor / limiters
    • Delay
    • Mute
    • Inversion

    DM4x4 Module

    Expand the capabilities of the ISP amplifier with the optional DM4x4 Module.
    The DM4x4 provides 4 Dante™ input channels and 4 output channels.
    The amplifier analogue inputs can also be routed back on to the Dante™ network providing a powerful capability to network the local input sources.

    ANALOGUE4 Module

    The ISP amplifiers can expand their analogue inputs for greater mixing possibilities using the ANALOGUE4 Module.
    This provides an additional 4 analogue audio inputs to the ISP for expanded mixing possibilities.

    General Purpose Input/Outputs

    The ISP features four GPIO ports for use with the following functions,
    • VCA Volume Control input using an RC1 Remote Volume Control
    • Amplifier Output/s Muting through contact closure
    • Recalling of presets through contact closure
    • Reading status of amplifier signal level outputs

    Fallback Redundancy

    Ensure that your system never stops performing by using fallback redundancy.
    Monitor the audio level of any input and if it falls below a user settable level it will automatically switch to another input source.
    If the audio returns from the failed channel the amplifier will seamlessly switch back to that input source.

    ErP Compliant with Auto Standby Function

    The ISP series is complaint to the European Energy related product (ErP) Directive consuming less than 2 watts in standby mode.
    Featuring an auto standby mode, the ISP can detect loss of input signal and enter standby.
    The ISP can then awake when the input signal exceeds a user settable threshold.
    Select your next power amplifier to be the most efficient possible and reduce running costs.

    3rd Party Control

    Take further control of the ISP amplifiers with 3rd party system support over both TCP and UDP protocols.
    The ISP has a full suite of documentation to integrate the ISP with your control solution.
    3rd party control systems which already integrate the ISP amplifiers,
    • Neets Project Designer
    • Xilica Designer

  • Output Power per Channel 120W Frequency Response 75Hz - 16kHz
    Output Channels 2 THD+N < 0.05% (-3dB)
    Output Mode 4 Ohm-70V-100V Signal to Noise Ratio > 100dB
    Input Voltage 100-240Vac 50-60Hz Input Sensitivity 1Vrms
    Mounting 1RU Cooling Fan-assisted
    Warranty 5 years
    Product Dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    483mm x 325mm x 44.5mm Shipping Dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    525mm x 425mm x 120mm
    Net Weight 7.2 Kg Shipping Weight 9.8 Kg
    GTIN EAN 9323383019973

  • See the following document to connect to the amplifier, ISP Amplifier Connection Guide.
    The mixer stage allows you to sum together all the analogue and Dante inputs to each amplifier output.

    In order to add a channel into the mix, go to the AUDIO page and select the MIXER SETUP.
    Unmute the desired input channel and increase the volume slider to the desired level.
    Ensure that any unused channels are muted to maximise the signal to noise ratio of the mixer stage.
    The default port number is 2626.
    The port number can also be change in the ALMA software if required.
    ON = Normal Operation
    Slow Flash = Standby (On 50ms, off 4s)
    Flash Code = Error Code. (LED Off for 2s followed by a flash count of the error code, On for 300ms, Off for 300ms. Multiple errors will be indicated in consecutive error sequences.)
    Refer to the Fault Finding section of the manual to fix any errors displayed.
    Hold down the reset button for approx 5 seconds until the front panel amber, red and green LEDs all flash on once. Immediately release the button.
    The network configuration will all be restored to factory defaults listed below:
    DHCP Mode = True
    DHCP Default IP =
    http://ausmonitorABC123/ (Windows)
    http://ausmonitorABC123.local/ (MacOS X)
    Note: Replace "ABC123" with the last 6 letters/numbers of the products unique MAC address
    The MAC address can be found on the rear panel of the amplifier, Example: 08:8F:2C:AB:C1:23
    Hold down the reset button for approx 10 seconds until the front panel amber, red and green LEDs all flash on twice. Immediately release the button.
    The account login settings will all be restored to factory defaults listed below:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
    Hold down the reset button for approx 15 seconds until the front panel amber, red and green LEDs all flash on three times. Immediately release the button.
    The network configuration, user account data and audio settings will be set back to the factory default values.

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